Reasons Why I Blog

As any of you that read my blog on the regular are aware, I’ve been in a funk for about the last month. Especially blogging-wise.

You may have noticed that I skipped publishing a blog post yet again last week. But this time, I didn’t mentally beat myself up as much as I usually do. That could be due to some of my followers comments on my last post telling me not to berate myself about it. That they also skip a week or two or three every so often.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that, Christie and Rebecca.

So with that and the increased busyness of my life in general (not complaining here, folks), I’ve working on taking myself off the hook.

I feel like I need to hit the re-set button with this blog. Like in my bones. Because I want to keep blogging, really. But sometimes…not so much.

The overthinking is dragging me down. The indecisiveness about what I want to write about is grating on my nerves. I’ve allowed it to take too much of my mental energy. It’s not as much fun as it used to be.

So I think it might not be the worst idea to ponder why it is that I’m still blogging.

How about you all? Have you ever just thought “Why am I doing this?” Well that’s where I am right now as a blogger.

Bear with me as I share with you the reasons why I blog. I encourage you to share in the comments the reasons why you blog as well. Your honest perspectives would truly interest me.

  • Blogging helps me to make sense of what I think and how I feel. It’s cathartic for me sometimes. I like the sense of release I feel when I hit that “publish” button.
  • I selfishly enjoy knowing that when I’m long gone, I will have left words from my heart and brain for my family and friends to access anytime they wish to feel my presence. Kind of like the little notebooks Bonnie wrote in and her recipe box that I nabbed after her funeral. I miss her so much.
  • The encouraging comments I receive from my readers. They often warm my heart. Often they make me feel understood and validated. Sometimes they make me think of things from a different perspective, which is very valuable to me as a person who strives to enhance my worldview in this crazy world of ours.
  • Blogging sometimes presents new opportunities for me to pursue. For instance, the newest option of adding a podcast. I’ve always been intrigued at the thought of working as a deejay, and this is a harmless way to give it a shot.

All that being said, the re-set button is being set right now. I’m choosing from this point on to not force myself to publish weekly. But I’m also not quitting this blogging thing.

My hope is that once I stand back and re-assess things for a bit, I’ll come back invigorated and enthusiastic about blogging again.

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14 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Blog”

  1. I blog for some of the same reasons you do. I started just trying to add an optimistic voice to confront all the negativity I’ve seen. More often I now blog to maintain a record for my grandbabies. Sometimes, people like you and so many other wonderful bloggers inspire me. I read posts I adore and find a nugget of something I want to expand on for myself. And because life can get so difficult, it’s impossible to find words, I may go long periods without writing anything. Wishing you much peace and a nice, easy Re-Set Button. 😊 I read a delightful post recently by Chaitanya Vembar – Lessons from Animals: Aging, Dogs and Happiness. She says, “We are free to complicate or simplify our lives as much as we wish to.” This simplifies things in the sweetest of ways. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves, that we would never put onto others.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Rose. I love that line “We are free to complicate or simplify our lives as much as we wish to”. So simple and true. Thanks for following me!


  2. Gotta love a reset button! We all need one now and again. And the wonderful thing about the blogging community is that your followers (I’m happy to be among them!) will still be there when you come back. I’m terrible about posting regularly, but it seems that my followers don’t worry that I’ve fallen down a deep hole. They are there when I return. And I love the idea of you maybe trying a podcast thing. I also love hearing about the work you do. I mean, thank goodness for blogs, which make the world a little smaller, this past year!

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  3. Oh wow — you and I seem to be afflicted with the same strain of blogger-fatigue. Finally this morning I realized how silly it was to even be bothered by it — either I feel like posting something or I don’t, either I keep up with reading other blogs or I don’t — the world won’t end if Christi takes a break!
    Awfully glad I read this one! In fact, I may have to write my own version of blogger reset/why I keep blogging manifesto. 🙂

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    1. Right?! I’ve just put too much pressure on myself and it was just time to step back for a bit. Glad to know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Thanks for your comments as always, my friend.

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  4. I started blogging when my house flooded, and I lived in a hotel for ten months as we rebuilt. In the beginning, I posted bi-monthly updates of how it was going because I was too exhausted to talk on the phone and repeat the same old thing. Also, I had a memoir sort of on the back burner and hoped to build an audience. I feel a little unbalanced when I’m not writing, and it’s rewarding when people reach out to say they relate/support/appreciate.

    Anyway, I’m going to keep thinking about this question. I like the fact that there are no rules, and I can do whatever works for me. There is a time for everything…

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    1. Thanks for your comments, friend. What’s up with your memoir? I hope you’re still working on it, though I know you’ve got your plate super full. I love that there are no rules with this blogging habit of mine too. It’s all what I make of it. Having a break has been good so far. I’m unsure at this point how long it will be, but I know I’ll get back into it at some point.


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