8 Things I Can’t Get Behind

I haven’t published a blog post in a couple of weeks. That makes me crabby. Other things in my life are making me crabby as well. I have faith I will get through it, however, and the crabby-ness will dissipate over time.

In the spirit of crabbiness, I present to you the 8 (random and completely unrelated to each other) things I cannot get behind. If you’re feeling crabby like I am right now, I encourage you to share in the comments the things you personally cannot get behind as well.

Misery loves company and all that.

This post might indicate a need for me to trash my “tag line” on the home page of this blog, which reads: “Tales from an optimist transplanted from Wisconsin to Colorado. Finding silver linings, lifting others up, sharing positively good stuff”.

At the very least, I promise to publish a less pissy post next time.

  • Grown adults wearing cartoon character clothing. I think they look ridiculous. Not that I don’t like to frequently wear my brightly colored LuLuRoe leggings purchased from a local thrift store. So you can take this opinion with a grain of salt I suppose. Just know that if you see me in a Goofy (the dog) sweatshirt in public, something is terribly wrong. I’ve either been kidnapped and forced to wear someone else’s clothes or all my clothes burned in a fire.
  • The phrase “SorryNotSorry”. To me, it’s snotty sounding. Privileged. I do think it was bourne out of good intentions though, as too many of us women run around apologizing all day long for every little thing. I once met someone through a former workplace who wore a necklace with this phrase on it. It made me want to barf.
  • Angry white men. Seriously dudes what in holy hell do you have to be so angry about? You have carte blanche in this world. A free pass to do as you please. Opportunities galore based on being born male and white.
  • Businesses spelling their names incorrectly in a “cutesy” way. Certainly this is done to stand out so that potential customers remember them next time they’re in the market for a new “kar”. Maybe it’s just me but when I see big signs on the highway with purposely misspelled names I cringe.
  • Gender Reveal Parties. You’re having a baby, people! Why put the focus on gender like this? You’ll love the baby no matter the gender, right? If not, you’re just an asshole. Just call it a baby shower FFS and let the gender be a surprise. Don’t even get me started on the phrase “we’re having a baby.”
  • When people wear mis-matched socks. This drove me nuts when my kids did this as teenagers. I assumed they did this because they lacked the motivation to find matching socks (aka laziness). But now when I’m out and about in the world I am seeing people well over the age of 14 wearing two totally different socks on their feet. Why, just why??
  • When people who I am certain have at least finished the 12th grade use poor grammar. Prime example: I should “of” instead of I should “have”. It floors me how often I come across this on social media.
  • Sweet Potatoes. Potatoes should be salty, peppery, buttery…not sweet. I feel like a real weirdo about this because it seems 9 times out of 10 when I’m engaging in foodie conversations with others and I state my disgust of these things, I’m met with “really? Oh, they’re so delicious, especially with brown sugar and marshmallows”.

14 thoughts on “8 Things I Can’t Get Behind”

  1. Oh my goodness – the meme at the end. Hilarious! What about the gender reveal party where they set off some fireworks and it started a wildfire (I think it was California)? Shouldn’t that be enough to end the trend!

    Hope writing this post made you laugh a little and alleviate the grumpiness!

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  2. I never thought I’d find another human who loves sweet potatoes the same as I do. 😊
    I’ve had my grumpy outfit on for a while also – news, politics, war, struggling with unrelenting pain and illness for the last few months has made me a bear. Let’s hope better days are ahead.

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  3. Look. If I don’t wear my Darth Vader sweatshirt, how will people gain awareness about the unlimited possibilities of persons with disabilities to rule the galaxy? Everything else is fine. Although I don’t mind that phrase. #SorryNotSorry.

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  4. Totally agree on #2 thru #7. On #1, I reserve the right to wear something from a comic strip down the road if I choose to get it. I don’t have anything at present, so there’s that. On #8, I love sweet potatoes one time a year…Thanksgiving. Other than that, if they don’t come around any other time I’m good. Liked this list!

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    1. Ok, that’s good. Never say never, right? Huh, just that one day, that kinda makes sense. But even if I liked them one day a year, I can’t imagine liking them enough to reduce the amount of stuffing and gravy and turkey and pumpkin pie I enjoy gorging on that same day each year. And the day after that. And the next day. Thanks for your comments!

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