Welcome to my blog

cropped-20161213_181819.jpgWelcome to my new virtual home! Inside my home, I hope you will find inspiration, beauty, wisdom, good advice and, most importantly, laughter. I’m very much a newbie at all things technological. With the support of my awesome hubby, combined with my fierce creative writing skills and kooky ideas, I believe time spent on my blog will (at least to some degree), will be for you an uplifting experience.  I will be learning as I go and will happily take my cues from you lovely readers, as to what is working and what is not. I plan to include pages devoted to, for instance, my (mis) adventures as a midwesterner transplanted to Colorado, music and movies (two great loves of mine), favorite recipes for food and drink, and lifting others (or causes I believe in) up. And that’s just for starters. Please join me on my path into “bloggerhood”!

Tales from a 50 year old optimist recently transplanted from Wisconsin to Colorado. Finding silver linings, lifting others up, sharing positively good stuff

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