Hi there, my name is Rhonda. Thanks for stopping by! Let me start by explaining why I call this blog “Pollyanna’s Path”. It’s not because I read the Pollyanna books as a child. It’s not because I wish my actual name was Pollyanna. It has more to do with me being an optimist, perhaps at times to the annoyance of others. A former co-worker often referred to me as “Pollyanna”; I presume because of my tendency to walk with a slight bounce in my step and my generally cheery disposition. The path, however, is a far more important piece for me. As I believe we all are, I am on a path. My past has informed my current perspective. I am earnestly trying daily to focus on the now by practicing mindfulness. And truly, I have always believed that in order to live your best life, you ought to always have a little something in the near future to look forward to. What that “little something” is is obviously up to you. Whatever floats your boat.

I’ve enjoyed creative writing since I was a kid growing up in northern Minnesota. I’m a 51 year old transplant to Colorado from Wisconsin (and not I’m not a Packers fan, but have gradually morphed into a football Vikings fan). I’ve been married to my favorite boyfriend from college for 28 years. Together we are parents to 2 adult children who are living in different states. Our oldest has a 4 year old son who we love to pieces. I worked as a case manager then a social worker for about 14 years, prior to moving to Colorado. Currently, I work part time running a small food bank and helping senior citizens find resources in the northern Denver metro. I also volunteer regularly at another food bank in a nearby community.  I love food, people, and connecting them to each other. I fancy myself a comedy writer, but that doesn’t mean all my blog posts are going to be a laugh riot. I primarily enjoy writing about personal life experiences, relationships, music, current events, self-care, and the importance of community.  Sometimes I get a wild hair and write about cooking, or movies I like, travel, or whatever random junk is in my brain. I shoot for publishing posts on Wednesdays, but it doesn’t always pan out. Sometimes I surprise myself and publish something on a Saturday or Sunday.  I am essentially “niche-less” as a blogger, and my curiosity about the world and the people inhabiting it is boundless.

So that’s me in the smallest of nutshell I can muster. With a little luck, as Sir Paul sings,  I “can make this whole damn thing work out”.




Tales from a 50 year old optimist recently transplanted from Wisconsin to Colorado. Finding silver linings, lifting others up, sharing positively good stuff