Psych! My name is not actually Pollyanna. My name is Rhonda, and I’m so appreciative that you are taking the time to read this. My goal is to simultaneously amuse , amaze, and (hopefully) inspire you with tales from my life as an optimist striving to become the most authentic  version of myself through creative writing.

Vital stats on me include: I recently turned 50. I have been happily married for almost 27 years to my college sweetheart. Together we raised two uniquely fabulous daughters, who are now in the throes of young adulthood, living their own lives through trial and error every day. I am also a Grandma to the smartest, most charming and beautiful 3 year old boy on planet Earth. My “rock” of a husband and I moved from Wisconsin to Colorado in August 2016, due to a job related transfer.  I worked as a case manager and then social worker for 15 years while living in Wisconsin. At the moment, however, I am a free agent. And I’m loving it!

I’m loving it because I now have some time on my hands to step back and try to figure out more specifically who I am and how I can make the most positive impact out there in this world we inhabit together. As a kid growing up in Minnesota in the 1970’s and early ’80’s,  I recall sitting on my canopy bed, making lists of what I wanted to become when I became an adult. Being a writer was always on those lists. I relished being on the high school newspaper staff, where I had my own advice column for a bit (Dear Agnes, I’m sure you’ve heard of it). I was a total geek for AP English class. When I initially started college, I naturally declared English as my major. I figured I’d end up teaching, though what I really wanted was to be a writer at SNL and/or a highly acclaimed fiction writer. I changed my major to Social Work instead, however, after taking a general ed course called Social Welfare 101. I was so totally inspired by my professor, a petite woman named Priscilla, who opened my eyes to social injustice, that I realized the social work field was where I wanted to be.

After an oftentimes wild yet meaningful and worthwhile ride in the field of social work, my attitude now , while subject to change in the right set of circumstances,is “been there, done that”.  I’m absolutely ready for something different now that I’m fully emerged in middle age and living in a new state. Perhaps my blog will on some small scale make the world a better place, as I believe my efforts as a social worker did.

Some topics I blog about are my (mis) adventures whilst exploring my new state of “Colorful Colorado”, my sheer adoration of music (from blues to 70’s and 80’s hits and artists, new adult alternative, singer/songwriters, past and present, motown, and classic rock and roll), kitchen experiments (hubs and I are big foodies who love to cook at home and frequent new restaurants on a pretty regular basis), love and relationships  religion and spirituality, and (at least once in awhile), and politics (warning: I unapologetically lean towards the left).

So that’s me in the smallest of nutshell I can muster. With a little luck, as Sir Paul sings,  I “can make this whole damn thing work out”.

Finding silver linings, lifting others up, sharing positively good stuff