It’s Just Not Right

For a while there, I thought I was going to be a humorist and that this blog was just the start on my path to becoming the next Erma Bombeck. Or David Sedaris.

Obviously, I have a rich fantasy life.

Now I think it’s more accurate to view myself as a writing enthusiast with a sense of humor.

I say all this because I have some serious shit to say sometimes. Like now.

Because Roe v. Wade could for real be overturned. I was shocked to hear the news of the leaked SCOTUS draft. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, as this has been in the making by the Republicans for some time now.

This is not about me telling you my abortion story. I’ve never had one.

This is me declaring that overturning Roe v. Wade is inhumane. This is me stating that old white men do not deserve to have the power to do this. No one does. This is me saying that I believe (and science backs this up) that an entity that cannot exist outside the womb cannot be “murdered”.

This is me being pissed off and fearful about our future as Americans.

Abortion is health care for women. Women who have underlying health conditions that puts their lives at risk if they carry the fetus to full term. Girls who were sexually assaulted by a male relative that resulted in pregnancy. Single moms who insisted their partner wear a condom but it broke and now they are saddled with the possibility of having a 4th mouth to feed while working 2 jobs.

It is so freaking nuanced, you see? It is not black and white. Every abortion story is unique.

Overturning Roe v. Wade after 50 years is unthinkable to me. The consequences of this would be enormous. Women and girls will die as a result. People will lose their mothers. Their sisters. Their spouses. Their friends.

And then what’s next? Are the Republicans and SCOTUS going to make bi-racial marriage illegal? Are they going to take away the rights of our fellow LGBTQIA Americans to marry?

It’s just not right.

6 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Right”

    1. Right? My mind has really just been exploding over this the past few days. Like, just think about the repercussions? There will be so very many. Ones we may not yet even imagine. Dark times.

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  1. Rhonda,
    Never fear my friend, you get to be funny…and caring! Sedaris, for instance, has a very specific viewpoint that encompasses his political beliefs. He writes about them fairly regularly! No reason to think you can’t do the same…if you want to! Whatever you write, I’ll read! So please keep writing. I hate when I run out of reading material! BTW, how’s the move going?
    Your superfan (pretend I’m wearing a super fan cape…and maybe I even would, but it’s in the mid 90’s here and muggy as hell, ugh, so sorry that I can’t today, but…I am in my mind, so that’swhat really counts, doncha think?! Also, please don’t ask what I am wearing…you truly don’t want to know…and don’t even get me started on what this weather has done to my hair…seriously!),

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    1. Thank you for these encouraging words Mona! Life is crazy for me-well, for all of us, at the moment. I keep telling myself “every little thing is gonna be alright” but man there’s so many moving parts right now. Looking forward to seeing new blog posts from you btw 🙂

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      1. Rhonda,
        Yeah, I need to blog. Maybe by June. Maybe not. When I can. Working hard on my book…which remains as elusive as ever! And crazy fodder keeps happening! Ugh! Hang tight! You’ll get through this, moving parts and all! Bunches of hugs to you! Mona

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  2. Rich fantasy lives are a necessity, sometimes it’s not easy to leave our special little worlds. 😊

    On R v. W. It bothers me that the government has no input from ‘real people’ on this topic. I’ve worked with and volunteered in many challenging areas: crisis intervention, rape and abuse center, women’s shelters, child safety centers. If politicians ever worked with people who struggle in these horrendous situations, they would leave this ‘right’ alone.

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