Why Yes, This is a Post about Socks

But first.

Something recently dawned on me: overthinking leads to indecisiveness which causes stagnancy.

That is why, today, less than 24 hours after starting this particular piece, you are getting a blog post from me about socks.

I’ve got too much going on in my day to day life now which hampers my ability to sit down and actually focus on writing a blog post. It’s all good, really. Or, most of it is. And I’m certain more of it will be. Time, patience, faith, and love for my family will get me through.

Anyway. About the damn socks.

I am a fan of them. In non-summer months of course.

I once had a business idea solely based on my appreciation of fuzzy socks (at least that’s what I call them, I’m sure there are other names for them). It was this: buy them in bulk. Bedazzle them. Find someone who can cross-stitch some bawdy catch-phrases onto them. Sell them on Etsy, at craft fairs. Probably not “Shark Tank” worthy but at the very least a fun art project, right?

I’ve sometimes wondered about those sock stores found in shopping malls. Do they make money at all? Maybe they’re owned and operated by obscenely wealthy trust fund babies who are obsessed with socks, so it doesn’t matter much if they are profitable. Who exactly buys their socks there on the regular? The potential answers to these questions intrigue me.

My youngest kid once had the following take on socks: “I don’t want to wear them, they are not the comfortable ones!” So, does that mean perhaps there is such a thing as uncomfortable socks? That people pay money for? Are they made with sandpaper? Tell me more, kid!

Wait a second.

Actually, I do own one pair of uncomfortable socks.

In my defense, they were free. I spotted them at work, when they were donated to the thrift store when I ran the food pantry there. Getting free stuff every so often was a sweet little perk at that job.

Despite my generous girth, I’ve got small feet (size 6). Yet, I could barely get these godforsaken socks over my feet and calves. The black stitching under the french fries is weirdly tight. They feel like compression socks, which I thankfully don’t need at this time. So, yes, kids, uncomfortable socks do exist after all.

If any of you are able to give me a viable explanation of why wearing mis-matched socks has become a thing in American society, that’d be great. Is it mere laziness, like it was when my kids did it as teenagers? Or is it a fashion statement that just flew under my radar?

There’s a surpising amount of songs about socks out there (yes that’s the kind of shit I google) but this one is special. Enjoy, my fellow sock fans!

5 thoughts on “Why Yes, This is a Post about Socks”

  1. What interesting thoughts about socks! I don’t know why teenagers wear mismatched socks — but I do know why my kids do. That’s because at 7:20 in the morning when I’m looking for a pair of socks for them, I will often go with it if I find two similar but mismatched socks.

    I often joke that the subscription I need on Amazon is for socks. It seems ours don’t often make it back to be laundered when they are taken off in the car, on the beach, at school and so I buy a lot of socks…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to hear all is good – or at least most is! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. At least you pair similar socks instead of ones with different colors. Ha ha! With my grandson spending more time here and my daughter’s boyfriends little guy coming over (he’s almost 3), I’m finding little socks all over the place, so I can relate. Thanks for your comments!

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  2. I feel like those of us who grew up in the upper midwest and other cold spots have a deep appreciation for good socks. I’ve tried the fancy ones, and my favorites are SmartWool. I’d rather get a couple new pairs of good socks for Xmas than a whole bunch of items I might not really use. And my kids say socks are uncomfortable when there’s an annoying seem right across the toes. For me, I can’t wear socks made of synthetic material, because my feet will sweat–ugh. See, and you thought you could go on about socks!? Ha.

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