AFA: AKA-Appreciation for Acronyms


As a person who delights in the English language, I particularly enjoy a good acronym. With the exception of the times when I’ve begun a new job. Co-workers fling acronyms around like our President lies, and until I’m there for a decent chunk of time, I’ve no idea what they mean.

Just for fun, here’s my commentary on my acronyms:

NOAA: Someone I know and love very much works for NOAA (clue: he’s a scientist). He has been known to refer to this acronym as the “National Organization for the Advancement of Acronyms”. Because of course in his field, acronyms abound.

MIAT: This one was created by the great comedic writer, Sarah Silverman. It stands for “Make it a Treat”. I know from personal experience, however, that this one can be overused, especially when the “treats” are the edible kind. I truly need to utilize this one sparsely. Or perhaps I ought to create myself a list of what qualifies under the MIAT acronym that doesn’t involve food.

FEPP: Focused. Engaged. Patient. Positive. This one is my own creation and I pull it out whenever I feel like my brain is all over the place. Like now.

images (6)

AF: I learned what this one meant shortly after I began using Twitter. It seemed to punctuate so many tweets and I was simply clueless as to what it meant. So I asked other folks in Twitterland what it meant. I eventually got the correct answer: As Fuck. I believe some of my fellow tweeters enjoyed my naivete as the first response (from the Bloggess, no less) was Air Force.

FYI and ETA: these are ones I commonly use, especially via text. FYI is an attention grabber; it emphasizes the importance of the forthcoming information to the textee. ETA is straightforward and requires a specific response, which is especially appreciated if the texter is anxiously awaiting your arrival.

YOLO: While admittedly overused in our society, this remains a favorite of mine. It speaks the truth: that at least as far as we all know, you only live once. So make it an interesting ride by saying yes to adventure in the here and now.

KISS: A very versatile acronym/mantra I use very liberally. I wrote about itΒ here.

FML: This is actually one I despise,Β  because it’s typically used in the context of someone complaining about a first world problem. It’s negative and hopeless. A total downer.Β  I am so turned off when people use this one on Facebook.

WIP: What does it mean? This one was used by another blogger in a comment she made on a recent post of mine. I asked her what it meant and I am honestly still awaiting a response. Perhaps she thought it a dumb question, unworthy of an answer. If that’s the case, so be it. I suspect it is one of those special acronyms specific to the blogging world. But I like to think it means “Work in Progress”. Seems appropriate, right?

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My new favorite acronym!


8 thoughts on “AFA: AKA-Appreciation for Acronyms”

  1. Pretty sure it’s work in progress, but I could be wrong.
    What I like about workplace acronyms is when you ask what one stands for and nobody knows. Not the person who used it, not the boss, no one. πŸ˜€

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  2. Aghhh! When I took on my last legal job before I realised that my soul was utterly compromised I worked for the team that was to help run the London Olympics 2012. In my first team meeting, on something i have blocked out (counselling is gradually working) one senior lawyer said, ‘We’ll need another TLA.’ Nods and those knowing MOA (mutters of affirmation) circulated the table. WTF? I raised my hand and tentatively asked ‘What’s a TLA?’ The head of legal looked at me as one would someone who’d just asked if the world really was round and said slowly (clearly regretting her recruitment decision) ‘It’s a Three Letter Acronym. You’ll need to keep up.’ After that I came out in hives whenever i heard that acronym.
    Love the blog btw and sorry for filling you comments, but my counsellor says it helps if I can share….

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  3. I too love a good acronym. My hub is a doctor and one of my favorites that I learned from him is SHPAZ, which stands for “SubHuman Piece ‘A S–T. They write this on unruly, badly-behaved patients’ charts. I know I know, it should actually be SHPAS, but he told me it was funnier and sounded better with the “Z”


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