What don’t you do?

A few weeks ago, I joined a new Facebook group. I’m not calling it out by name because many of the things said in this group are quite personal and I want to respect that. I’m even going to avoid giving the basic stats of who is in this group, as a matter of fact.
So in this group, there was a thread I found really interesting. It was prompted byย this post.ย I enjoyed following the thread that ensued and started thinking about the specific things I myself don’t do. It was a challenge for me, as I’ve been so focused these days about what I “do” do (and writing blog posts about that). So I decided to mix things up a bit for today’s post.
Here’s what I came up with:
Things I don’t do (that I’m probably supposed to, according to societal norms of white Gen X ish middle aged females, with a few random “dont’s”mixed in for shits and giggles):
  • I don’t exercise on purpose.
  • I don’t get manicures.
  • I don’t clip coupons.
  • I don’t sew. That’s Hubs’ forte.
  • I don’t clean up dog puke. Again, Hubs’ forte.
  • I don’t have my work email linked to my cell phone.
  • I don’t have my very own car to drive. Hubs and I share one and I’m cool with that.
  • I don’t put a strict limit on my daily carb intake.
  • I don’t scrapbook.
  • I don’t wear Spanx.
  • I don’t drink decaf. Fully loaded, dark roasted coffee is my jam.
  • I don’t cook foods for my loved ones that I don’t like to eat.
  • I don’t poop in the presence of Hubs.
  • I don’t (and won’t) throw my family members or friends “under the bus” with my blog posts. They deserve my loyalty and respect.

Now, you may have noticed that there is little explaining on my above list. That’s because I think it’s a shame that we, as women in this world, due to largely manufactured societal pressures which are reinforced in a bajillion ways on the daily (the “perfect” photos of your Facebook friends, commercials on t.v., magazine articles, etc.), feel guilty for not doing the things we’re “supposed” to do. I think we need to cut that shit out. Who’s with me?

For the love of God, people, please add a few of your “dont’s” in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “What don’t you do?”

  1. Ooh — this gives me ideas for a list of my own! I do so love lists. A few off the top of my head:

    I don’t clean the fish tank. I *won’t* clean the fish tank. I get enough scut detail in every other room of the house. Likewise, I leave the cleaning up of puke-covered items to my hubs.
    I don’t scrapbook, or Pinterest, or follow anyone who could be considered an influencer.
    I don’t watch any TV that isn’t through Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
    I don’t wait to buy food until it’s on sale.
    I don’t limit screen time.
    I don’t drink coffee or alcohol.
    I don’t wear mom buns.


  2. I don’t post chryptic statuses on social media so that people will ask how I am. I don’t feel bad about being at home on the sofa with a good book on a Saturday night! I don’t drive. I don’t feel bad about not having a sun tan when all my friends are going to great lengths to get one! And I agree – I certainly don’t drink decaf!!


    1. I agree with you on the cyrpic statuses. I should have added that one. I absolutely hate that! It’s obnoxious. Sitting with a good book on the couch is an awesome activity for a Saturday night! I didn’t drive at all when I was in college so let my driver’s license lapse. Didn’t get it again till I was like 25. The sun tan thing is not for me either! Unless it’s because I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in the sun (with some amount of sunscreen at least). And what is the point of decaf anyway?! Thanks for your comments!


  3. I don’t water my houseplants until their fronds droop to the floor and then I say “oops” and finally do it.
    I don’t vacuum daily like my sister does. Most of time I don’t vacuum weekly. Please don’t ask me the last time I vacuumed.
    I don’t mop… oh hell, I better stop. I think I’ve said enough! ๐Ÿ˜€

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