Alphabet Soup Challenge: G is for Gems

In the summer of 2009, Hubs and I took our two kids on a trip to Washington, DC.

In my mind, it was the best family trip we ever took. I think it had to do with the timing. Our eldest was about to begin her senior year of high school. Her sibling was a year behind her. It was a “seize this moment” kind of attitude we all bought into it which led it to be a memorable and amazing experience.

Part of the planning of this trip was discussing what “one thing” each of us wanted to be sure to see while in our Nation’s capital. Eldest chose the Ford Theater where President Lincoln was shot. The other kid chose the Shakespeare museum. If I recall correctly, Hubs chose Arlington Cemetery. I’m pretty sure I went generic, choosing the Smithsonian (not necessarily one specific museum there, because they are all fantastic).

Something that unexpectedly struck me while touring the Smithsonian Museum of National History was how in absolute awe the kids and I were of the Gems Gallery. Unlike Bonnie (my mom), I’ve never really been the kind of woman who felt a great need to have dazzling rocks adorning my fingers, neck, or ears. Sure, I love jewelry, but honestly I’m good with the costume variety.

I can just think of so many more wonderful things the money spent on fancy jewels could buy. And the experiences the money spent on fancy jewels could fund. The number of mouths it could feed. The amount of school supplies it could fund for under-privileged students. The number of shoes it could buy for the homeless.

We found ourselves gazing at these precious gemstones, “oohing and awing” all the while, deciding which ones we’d most like to wear if we could.

The Hope Diamond was my favorite. Stunning, shimmery deep blue and simply gorgeous.

As magnificent as these gems are, all of them together pale in comparison to all the other “Gems” in my life.

According to Merriam Webster, the “non jewel” definition of “gems” is: a highly prized or well beloved person.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to expand on this definition : a “Gem” is a highly prized and well beloved female human who has, in no particular order, inspired me, loved me, liked me, taught me, cried with me, laughed with me, challenged me, accepted me, shared with me, and cared with me.

Been waiting for a chance to include this pic from my last trip to Washington, DC in a blog post-here it is!

I’m going to be honest here. I have too much to say about the “Gems” in my life to properly capture it in this one little post. That is how blessed I feel for the “Gems” in my life.

So, for now, I’m just going to highlight my blogger Gems. There is more to come as this blog proceeds.

I’ve mentioned them before, primarily when I was accepting a nomination for a blogging award (I know, they are cheesy and silly and to my knowledge there are no official prizes or awards ceremonies-but they are such fun) and having to nominate other bloggers as part of the deal.

But this is not that.

These are the blogging broads that never fail to encourage me. To introduce me to new ideas, new music, new recipes, new perspectives. The broads that also put themselves out there with their thoughts and feelings, opinions and grievances in such a way that make me feel less alone in the blogosphere.

I hope to connect with more blogging broads as I continue down this path I’ve put myself on, but for now, I just gotta say…I adore these 4 women and their creative writing abilities so much.

They are:

Christi, who lives in the wonderful state (my home state) of Minnesota and happens to be a very thoughtful, clever, intelligent and lovely human being with a knack for creative writing.

Nicole, who is quite a dynamo. Works full time with a husband and two small kids at home but still manages to pull off regular heartfelt posts about life.

Mona, who has been such a cheerleader for me. She’s brave, funny, sarcastic and surprising with her writing on her blog. And Geez Louise, she’s got some fantastic taste in music.

And then there’s Crystal. I’ve always loved that name. Crystal was the name of a girl I grew up with. She was one of those sort of rare birds in that she was pretty and popular (she was Homecoming Queen for Pete’s Sake), but she was also nice. Not a snot. Liked by everyone. My blogging friend Crystal is like that as well. She has a deep soul and a sharp intellect. I really admire her.

Now onto the question of the day: who are the “Gems” in your life, blogging or otherwise? I would be tickled to hear all about them.

6 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Challenge: G is for Gems”

  1. Wow, you knocked my socks off with this one! Thank you so much for the sweet words – trust me, the feeling is mutual!
    Now I’m off to check on your other ‘gems’. 😘

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  2. Hey Rhonda,
    Moley Holes, Woman! That was incredibly kind of you! And, of course, I’m experiencing technical difficulties at the moment on my blog…so, great timing, right? On to your question, though…

    So I’d say since we are only talking about females, the biggest gem in my life outside of blogging is my daughter, Lauren. I have friends too, Jan and Sheila and Lolisa and Patricia and Karen and Julie (Karen’s nothing like the ‘Karen’s’ that we find on the memes.) She’s the opposite. Let’s see…there’s a group of people that I found when I started blogging, starting with Pip, who’s over in England. She was my very first online blogger friend! Then there’s Kat, Adie, Sarah and Lille. Since then, Lori, Rhonda and River and Ally and LA and Sherry and Boo and Annie and Rebecca and Barbara and Gigi and Andie and the other Patricia and ohmygosh…I know I’m going to leave someone out…so I’d better stop.

    All of these women are powerful in their own right — smart as hell, intelligent in areas that amaze me, diligent in their craft and in their lives, creative, opinionated, passionate, laugh out love funny with just the right amount of snark or grit. I love their stories and I love their souls. I adore them all as I adore you, Rhonda. You just so happen to also have awesome taste in music, my friend; and you are a very positive influence in my life! I’m so glad I can count on you as one of my friends and I hope one day, we can meet IRL. Maybe we could get a few bloggers together for a weekend retreat or something and meet in a location that isn’t too difficult or expensive for anyone to get to. Last year in July, Lille, Sarah and I met up in Tulsa where Kat lives. We had a blast! I’d love to do that again with them and/or other blogger friends! Hugs, 🙂 Mona

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    1. Thank you! I love the idea of doing some kind of blogger retreat someday. With Covid-19, it won’t happen anytime soon..but I’m sure we can make it happen. You’re such a hoot, that’s why I enjoy you so much. Love how you qualified your friend Karen as “not that kind” of Karen!

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  3. Just when I was having a sinking feeling about my own blogging content and quality, you picked me up. Who’s the gem now Rhonda? Thank you so much! I enjoyed the quick trip to DC, too, and hope in the form of one magnificent diamond.

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