Embracing The Merry

I think for those of us that celebrate Christmas, whether in a secular way, a non-secular way, or a combination of both (like me), we can all agree that this year the holiday season is different.

Obviously, the reason it’s different this year is because of Covid-19. No in-person holiday parties like in years past. Worries about loved ones who may be alone for the holiday. The inability to travel and employment uncertainty.

Out of spite, as in “screw you, Covid-19, I’m not going to let you steal my joy”, I’m embracing this Christmas even more than I have in the past. Like it’s a life boat. Doing this, I think, is a healthy coping mechanism for these times.

We here in this house are gorging on all the Christmas movies. Not so much the cheesy, predictable, brainless Hallmark channel varieties (though they do certainly have their place). I’m talking the classics: “A Christmas Story”, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, “Elf”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Christmas Vacation”, “Love Actually” and more. The ones we all know the best lines to. The ones that fill us with a giddy joy and warm our hearts.

Our little townhome has been properly adorned with all the Christmas decorations inside and soon Hubs will be putting up the lights outside. We’ve even chosen to string multi-colored lights along the periphery of our living room and around the windows. We didn’t do this the previous years we lived here.

All of the Christmas cookies have been made to send to our loved ones in three different states. The presents have been purchased (online) and received. Names have been picked at work for our “Secret Santa” exchange.

Special desserts will be made. A drive through the local holiday light display for charity is happening this year.

One of my blogger friends, Crystal, wrote this lovely post which prompted me to read Luke. I was compelled by the passage in Chapter 3:
John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”, to do a quick clean out of my kitchen cupboards to donate to the food pantry I now run. I think it’d be so cool if others did the same.

I’m determined to suck the marrow out of this Christmas season.

Who’s with me?

**Header image circa 1984 posing with a friend as Christmas elves/mannequins in the front window of Bonnie’s Clothes Bar**

4 thoughts on “Embracing The Merry”

  1. I bought three packs of those little fairy lights at Costco and strung them over every indoor window. They look so cheerful, I just might leave them up all winter!

    P.S. You do a great mannequin!


    1. Oooh..I bet they look so pretty! It was such a goofy thing, that my mom came up with the idea of us wearing those elf costumes and posing as mannequins. But I’m glad I have photographic evidence, because it cracks me up so much!

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  2. Rhonda,
    I’m finally decorating the tree and decking the halls-ish. What a mess…until it isn’t. Then it’s just magical. Anyway, I decided to take a break and sat down and read your post. I love your pictures. Also, I’m with you, Girl! Let’s suck the marrow out of Christmas this year! This should be on a t-shirt or bumper sticker or something! Woo Hoo! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Cheers to you and your family! Mona

    P.S. Any chance you can sneak in a Christmas song for me and others on this post? 🙂

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