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As a melophile, I am an enthusiastic believer in the power of music. It can reach into your soul and capture it, if only for a moment. It can speak to you in a way you can’t put into words. It can set the tone for your day and it can comfort you when the day is done.

Some music has the ability to improve your attitude. Give you a little boost of energy. A little pep in your step. Compel you to do a little jig in your kitchen. Put a smile on your face and leave you humming it’s tune for the rest of the day.

That is what my “Good Vibes” playlist, which I created for myself on Spotify, does for me. When I put it together, I decided to simply go right off the top of my head, thinking of the songs that tickled me and finding them via the search option on Spotify. I told myself to not overthink this playlist, not to judge my choices, especially since it could easily be edited at a later time.

Do you all have something akin to a “Good Vibes” playlist to turn to when you need a pick-me-up? If you do, please do this gal a favor and share what’s on yours. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you invest a bit of time to create one for yourself. You’ll thank me later.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share what’s on my personal “Good Vibes” playlist. I won’t give you the full list, because that would take away from the time I’d rather you spend making your own custom playlist.

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6 thoughts on “Good Vibes Playlists”

  1. Oh Rhonda! You know not what you ask, Woman! Actually, the last Feel Good CD I put together (because I’m retro that way) had several songs on it. Okay, one or two songs were probably not technically “feel good” but I liked them enough to put them on the CD anyway. If I had unlimited capacity, I would have been in trouble. Here’s what made the cut, though:

    Here Comes the Sun β€” The Beatles

    Wonder β€” Natalie Merchant

    Beautiful β€” Carole King

    Fight the Good Fight β€” Triumph

    Magic Power β€” Triumph

    Hope You’re Feeling Better β€” Santana

    Fly Away β€” Lenny Kravitz

    In the Meantime β€” Spacehog

    Bright Lights β€” Matchbox Twenty

    Life is a Highway β€” Tom Cochrane

    Feelin’ Satisfied β€” Boston

    What Is And What Should Never Be β€” Led Zeppelin

    Ramble On β€” Led Zeppelin

    Drift & Die β€” Puddle Of Mudd

    Baker Street β€” Gerry Rafferty

    Champagne Supernova β€” Oasis

    Don’t remember why “I Got the Music in Me” didn’t make the cut, because I would have thought it would have (it’s a longer song, though, so maybe I was trying to get as much in as possible on this CD–also, I would have put in Heart’s version. I also have a badass CD, but you didn’t ask for that, different songs for a different mindset. Sometimes I have one of those days when “Whatever” by Godsmack and “Can’t You Trip Like I Do” — well, somedays, I just need these songs and everyone can just “Keep Away.” I should add the punk rock song, “Nausea” to that list. Yep. I think I will. There’s a couple of other feel good songs that I’m not sure why they didn’t make the cut either — “I Want You to Want Me” the live version by Cheap Trick and “Steve McQueen” by Sheryl Crow. I distinctly remember having both of those songs on the Feel Good CD I made prior to the last Feel Good CD I made back in March 2018. If you want, you can read my post from back in the day at this link

    But you know what? Other good songs and groups and singers have come into my life since then. There’s The Pretty Restless (love Taylor Momsen’s rendition of “Champagne Supernova”) but then they should probably go on my Bad Ass list as well and there’s “Superfly” and “Rubberband Man” and Joe Cocker’s version of “A Little Help From My Friends” and there’s the Cowsills and Dobie Gray and Bad Company and Foo Fighters and James Taylor and Katrina and the Waves and Leopold and His Fiction and probably more Oasis and definitely more Beatles and maybe some Stones and OMG…why don’t I have Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” on my list?!!!! Anyway, I’m just getting started…ya know? Whaddaya think?
    MONSTER, I tell ya! I’m so glad you’re also a lover of music! So what are your next ten songs? Because I know I’m leaving something out that I could probably kick myself for forgetting…but that’s not what this post is supposed to be about…it’s about enjoying life and improving one’s mood…not kicking and stuff. Fun post, Rhonda! Hugs, Mona

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    1. You are so funny! Glad you enjoyed the post. The songs you mentioned that I am familiar with are great choices. I didn’t know Heart did a cover of “I’ve Got the Music in Me”. I’ll have to check that out.
      As for what else is on my “Good Vibes” playlist, there’s Mr. Blue Sky by ELO, Lovely Day by Bill Withers, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves (which I’m guessing is on your cd too), All Star by Smash Mouth, Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone, Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, With a Little Luck by Paul McCartney and Wings, Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townsend, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by the Beatles, What is Life by George Harrison, Shambala by Three Dog Night, Whenever I Call You Friend by Kenny Loggins, and more, of course. Now I want to know about your “badass” cd! I’m intrigued πŸ™‚

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  2. AH, YES! You’ve got some great ones — Wings, ELO, Three Dog Night, Kenny Loggins and Smash Mouth. YES, YES, YES! Okay, how about a little Sugar Ray, “I just wanna fly, put your arms around me baby, put your arms around me baby!” or how about Jackie DeShannon, “What the world needs now, is love sweet love…” Oh, and I can’t forget Journey. Any Journey for you, Rhonda? Oh and George Michael. And Melanie.

    Okay, now for my badass CD/play list. Actually on my computer, it’s a very long list. But you know how you wake up and just know it’s going to be a good day and you want to start the day out with “Here Comes the Sun?” Okay that’s when I want to listen to my feel good CD.

    However, there are those days when you know things are going to be rough. Maybe you need an extra shot of caffeine, okay, maybe even a Red Bull to get your butt up and going. Then nothing’s going your way and maybe someone’s being “not a nice person” to you? And everyone and everything is just on your last nerve and it isn’t even 9 AM yet? Yeah, that’s the day when I need to hear something with an edge. Songs that probably have the “f” word in them. This is my audio supercape that will 1) protect me 2) kick my butt into high gear and 3) gives me an extra dose of attitude to help me get through it all. Yep, that is my badass CD. I need “Welcome to the Jungle,” mf’ers. I need Godsmack. I need The Pretty Restless. I need hardcore Stones like “Bitch” or “Gimme Shelter” or “Paint it Black.” I need “Can’t You Feel Like I Do,” by The Crystal Meth. After that, I can handle…whatever…because I am now up for whatever…and no one is going to want to probably mess with me…not that I’m mean or anything…it’s just I have my no-nonsense, let me chill while I get things done or I will be unpleasant and you don’t want that now do you kind of attitude. Give me “The Bomber” by The James Gang. I NEED ARETHA ‘s “Respect” and “Think”. Give me INXS’s “Taste it.” Give me “The Wanton Song” by Zeppelin. I mean there’s just so many songs. But do not give me The Carpenters. Oh The Carpenters and John Denver…they all go on my feel good CD. But on those other days…Give me “Psycho” by Puddle of Mud. Know what I mean? What might you put on your badass CD? M

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    1. That Sugar Ray song most certainly needs to be added to my Good Vibes playlist! Don’t have a badass playlist yet, but I will be starting one soon. I love your “audio supercape” notion. I totally get it! I need to check out some of the songs you mentioned, the ones I have never even heard of. I’m thinking now that you are more of a melophile than me. LOL!!


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