How I’m Rolling At The Moment

I started writing this post on Labor Day. I decided to “labor” at home. Doing just-for-me creative pursuits. I started with updating my vision board. I’ve tons of magazines around here collecting dust and taking up space to be used on this project.

Primarily I found phrases that speak to me (“let curiosity lead” is my new favorite), but no visual depictions of any specific, tangible, thing that I want to manifest. I’ll probably need to hit a thrift store soon to complete my current iteration of this vision board.

I did find some articles in these old magazines that I missed on my first go ’round with them. I will read those this week, before toss them into our recycling bin.

Hubs and I got back from our summer vacation last Wednesday night. It was a long-ass road trip to Minnesota with our camper. We normally go up there to see family and friends in July; this year, however, we went in late August so we could attend the nuptials of my nephew and his gal.

All went well, though Hubs is still quite sore from doing all the driving. Those sweet kids got married (under a tent during a downpour). We spent quality time on the way visiting his parents and sister in Wisconsin, having dinner with our best friends farther north, and lunch with my beautiful niece and her family on our way through Nebraska.

I didn’t want to come home, to be honest. Not just because I wanted more time with family, but because of the beauty and serenity I find at my sister and brother in-laws place. I wanted more of it. Maybe next summer, we’ll fly there so we can spend more time with them in this instead of sitting in the truck. Better yet, we’ll take the camper but extend our vacation by another few days.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

The best place in the world to decompress
You can see the Baptism River more clearly in this one.

15 thoughts on “How I’m Rolling At The Moment”

  1. I think I kinda get what you’re saying about not wanting to go home. We went on a few road trips lately. And every time, I just didn’t want to go home. I mean I love my home and there’s no other place in the world I want to sleep or use the ‘facilities’. I think the problem for me is two-fold.
    1. Covid kept us trapped at home for so long, I just want to keep ‘going’.
    2. Every day there’s non-stop duties and responsibilities staring me in the face at home. It seems no matter how fast I run to try to get things done, there’s still so much left undone. I haven’t fully learned how to access or hold onto Peace without stepping out of my environment for a moment.
    Things like Vision Boards can be good prompters to help us keep our Peace, and to remind us why we do what we do.

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      1. I ‘sort of’ have a vision board. It’s a few photos and quotes glued to a piece of construction paper. It’s in a drawer in my work desk. I like to pull it out to refresh my views. 😊

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  2. That does look like a peaceful setting. I’d feel the same. Don’t you live in Colorado? I’ve visited once in my life (childhood vacation with family) and I absolutely loved everything about it. We saw St. Mary’s Glacier and a silver mining town…where the Pueblo Indians lived in caves…all the touristy, fun things. On our way there, we went up a volcano, Capulin Mountain…so many memories! My daughter went to Aurora this past weekend to visit a friend and meet her friend’s new baby. My daughter said that they left their house exactly once…so she really didn’t get to see anything…well, except for the baby…oh, and her friend. Anyway, I’m hoping I get to explore Colorado again one of these days! There was someplace that had all of these stairs and chipmunks? if not chipmunks, then some other critters running all over the place. Does that sound familiar to you? Can’t think of the name. Was stairs in the name? Ugh. I was only nine years old at the time…so it’s been a few years. Mona

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    1. Yes, I do live in Colorado, though born and raised in Minnesota. My heart is in both places. Though I love Wisconsin too, which is probably where we’ll end up in a few years or so. Not sure about the place with stairs and chipmunks, though you might be thinking of all the prairie dogs you see in all the open spaces around here. At Red Rocks, there is ALOT of stairs, so maybe that’s where you went. You should come see Colorado-there’s so much to see and do here and you can’t beat the climate and natural beauty. Thanks for your comments!

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      1. I looked it up. It’s near a chi-chi- poo-poo-la-di-da fancy pants resort called “The Broadmoor”. Now I totally want to go there and check out the falls. And lounge around drinking wine while getting a pedicure and facial. And take a long bubble bath and sleep for 12 hours straight. The $620 per night price tag is a potential obstacle though 😦

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  3. Oh really? Wow! I wanna drink and get a massage, etc. So that’s what it’s become? When I was a kid, I remember sleeping in the back of our camper with my two brothers when we went on our vacation. No one in my family did pedicures, facials or lounged at fancy pants resorts, that’s for sure. I do remember bologna sandwiches and chips, though. I remember drinking water from a fast moving stream. I think there might have been a Motel 6 at some point…or maybe that was a different cross-country trip to somewhere else when I was an adult. I think for the most part, we stayed at an RV park, not that I would have known it as an RV park at the time. We did go to Seven Falls. I don’t even remember the falls, but those chipmunks and those stairs…I won’t forget them. Of course, all of this happened back in 1974, maybe? I googled chipmunks and lots of stairs and Seven Falls immediately came up and I was like THAT’S IT! Thank God for the internet! LOL. Mona

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  4. Isn’t it funny the weirdly specific things that we recall (sometimes a bit fuzzily) from our childhoods that just stick with us no matter what? I know one of my older posts was about that time our family lost Grandma at Disneyland. That was a pretty vivid memory, though certainly influenced by the re-telling it over the years by both my parents and a couple other relatives.

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