That One Show

Isn’t it amazing, when you stop and think about it (I’m talking to you, fellow AARPr’s) that in our lifetime we have gone from having at most 4 channels on our televisions to having 4 million (give or take) channels?

And to top it off, now we have the control.

We no longer have to catch our favorite shows when they air. We can DVR the shows we want to see. Watch them at our leisure.

We can also pause whatever we are watching at will.

I don’t know about you, but my leisure time is limited. I accept that. It’s far more beneficial for me, anyway, to focus on doing things and learning things than it is to lounge on the couch in front of the boob tube. Like reading and writing. Baking in my kitchen and playing with Radar. Hanging out with Hubs, listening to music and talking or texting with my kids.

Yet, lounging on the couch watching t.v. deserves to have it’s place too. It’s a great distraction. A way to decompress.

This is why I’m far more intentional about what t.v. programming I consume these days. Not that I don’t have an ongoing list in my head of all the shows and movies I want to see when (if) time allows.

Allow me for a hot second to go down that rabbit hole (please know, patient readers, that the below will be highly edited):

  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  • Hacks
  • The entirety of How I met Your Mother
  • The Great British Baking Show
  • Hamilton
  • Only Murders in the Building
  • One Night with Adele

There’s one show in particular that I make sure to catch every week, however. Though I DVR it when each new season starts, just in case-I typically end up watching it when it first airs, commercials and all.

Tell me, do you also have that one show?

Mine is Grey’s Anatomy. I am a faithful devotee to this show. I have watched it from the first season, when the main characters were Izzie, Cristina, Alex, George, and, of course, Meredith.

Grey's Anatmony - Top 5 tV shows

This show has held my interest over all these years. Through the drama that was Christina and Owen’s relationship. Through the plane crash that took the lives of Mark and Lexie, which broke my heart. Through the shocking and tragic death of McDreamy and the trials and tribulations of Jo. Through the mental health struggles Bailey and Andrew went through and those short lived, fun romances between Meredith and Andrew, Teddy and Koracic, and April and Jackson (I was so pleased when they got together in the end).

However, I’m mostly there for Meredith. There’s something soothing about her voice, at the beginning of each show. It sets the tone for the episode. It’s comforting. She’s a character that has stood the test of time. She’s the anchor. The one I most root for.

I think it was a smart move, that at the beginning of the current season, creator Shonda Rhimes made sure it was clearly stated that while IRL, Covid was still ravaging our country and world, it was not going to be present in the fictional world of Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital. However, as the season has unfolded, there are references to it. It’s not that they are pretending it never happened. They are pretending it is over. The show is moving forward and focusing on developing the characters relationships to each other.

I also believe that the showrunners and writers have opened doors for spin-off shows. Because, sadly, just like every other t.v. show that goes on for years, there will someday be a final episode on Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, I acknowledge that what I’m about to say next is solely for fellow fans of Grey’s, but here are the options I see for spin-off shows:

The journeys of the current class of interns (Schmitt, Helm, Nico, the Ortiz mother-daughter duo) who, to me, capture the vibe of the OG interns.

A show set in Minnesota, featuring Meredith, Amelia, Kai, and Meredith’s new love interest (who I think resembles McDreamy, especially his smile), Nick.

It would not surprise me in the least if there is a spin-off of Grey’s in the future. I will be there for it.

You all know by now I love to end my blog posts with a song. Here’s a beautiful one from the current season of Grey’s. I think it captures the mood of this (hopefully not final) season of my favorite show.

4 thoughts on “That One Show”

  1. I used to be a tv fein but lately, I’m also finding myself intentional with my tv viewing as well..i don’t have a ton of time and when I do have time I want to focus on things that will contribute to my every day happiness…

    I am a greys fan but I am also 35 episodes behind or so lol I’m not sure, it’s on my pvr and it’s taking up a lot of space but it’s about 2 seasons worth lol..

    I also don’t have Netflix which is a godsend bc honestly I feel like I’d never leave my couch if we did! 😭😅

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    1. Hopefully one of these days you can catch up on Grey’s! I feel I must be intentional not just due to the time factor, but because I do have Netflix. And Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Disney Plus, Showtime, HBO Max and more. Too many choices actually. We should probably reduce that a bit!

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  2. Hey Rhonda!

    You are so right about TV. If you’re not careful (and I’ve not been too many times during this pandemic), it will consume your life! BossyBabe has it right about focusing on what contributes to her happiness. Didn’t “they” whoever “they” are, do some sort of study that said that after a certain number of hours watching TV, you start becoming depressed…or something like that? I think it was several years ago…so I don’t really remember the details.

    Some of the shows that were “must see” for me have changed, especially the original NCIS. With Mark Harmon gone this season, NCIS lost its edge IMHO…which has pretty much lost me. Now I can watch it or leave it. I’m just not as invested! Bull, on the other hand, continues to engage me. David and I are also watching the three FBI shows on Tuesdays. The Chicago’s have us on Wednesdays, and it’s a mixed bag on Thursdays–a little PBS (Poirot) and Young Sheldon and Ghosts and Bull. Young Sheldon has turned out to be my favorite show! Dare I say that I love it just as much if not more than The Big Bang Theory. I’m also enjoying The Equalizer on Sunday evenings. Soooo…that’s my mainstream TV list.

    You, however, are a hardcore, loyal fan with your Grey’s Anatomy…and good for you! I watched that for the first few seasons it came out. I think once George died, I stopped. It’s a thing…if you start killing off my favorite characters…unless you come up with something much better (and the writers usually don’t)…then I’m probably going to fade away!

    Happy writing and TV viewing,

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    1. Wow…I don’t watch any of the shows you watch, at least not on the regular. We watched NCIS for like a half season but lost interest. I do think I’d like Equalizer with Queen Latifah. Should have put that on my list. Big Bang Theory was just not my thing. I do like a lot of the actors from that show though, especially Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant was absolutely terrific-she stars in and produces it). Once in a while, we will find ourselves catching re-runs of Criminal Minds and enjoy it, though often we end up making fun of how ridiculous the situations/characters sometimes are. I think I’m pretty eclectic with my t.v. viewing though, as other favorites of mine are Yellowjackets on Showtime and This is Life with Lisa Ling. They both really hold my interest. The one show Hubs and I always watch together is 911 with Peter Krause (from Parenthood, one show I miss very very much) and Angela Bassett. Highly recommend that one! Appreciate your comments, as always 🙂

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