Where Grandma Works

Do you remember where your Grandma worked? Did you ever get to visit her workplace?

To my knowledge, neither of my grandmothers worked outside of the home. It’s entirely possible that one or both of them at some point did work, maybe before I was born, when my parents were still children.

But to me, their only job was being “Grandma”.

One day last week, my daughter and grandson came to visit me at work for a couple of hours.

Fortunately, I work at a very kid-friendly and family-friendly place. My grandson learned the concept of volunteering. He made new friends and picked out a new blanket.

In our food pantry, Beth helped him find a variety of empty boxes to take home to build what he called a “cardboard castle”. He and his mom enjoyed some snacks.

He jumped on the trampoline while chatting with Alicia while she was vacuuming the gym floor. Later, Alicia walked him through the food pantry as if he was a customer as he picked out some food and a new violet (his favorite color) toothbrush on our hygiene rack.

He spent some time in the warehouse with Maureen, sorting through donated clothes and talking about avalanches. She told him that she was happy to make a new friend.

I overheard him as I was on my computer taking care of some admin stuff for the food pantry saying “I love to volunteer!”

It was a good day indeed. That is why I’m sharing it here today. I want to always remember it.

He will turn 8 soon. Due to his time and place in life right now, it’s so beneficial for him to interact with women. Women who are also mothers. Women who work together. Women who show each other respect and work as a team to get the job done.

My heart is full as I write this. I am full of hope for this beautiful, smart, extroverted, and sensitive boy.

7 thoughts on “Where Grandma Works”

  1. My daughter probably doesn’t remember it, but she and I used to visit my mom’s office. I have some pictures of her sitting on her lap, making sticky-note chains and playing with the phone. Anya never was much for games of pretend, but she did play office quite a bit after that.

    Since I work from home, every day is bring your kid to work day around here. While I won’t say I am *always* a sterling example, I am proud to model working motherhood in a form I was never exposed to as a child. What kids see helps shape what they believe to be possible.

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  2. What a beautiful memory you and he will cherish forever! My grandmothers never worked outside the home, unfortunately! I have the same thinking with Charlotte- I want her to see her mama working outside the home, making her own way, having her own passions, and working hard for them! Thanks for sharing a great day!


  3. I’m so glad you shared this. Truly a wonderful day that will stick with your grandson, I’m sure. So important for kids to see what grownups do all day–just like that old book! And, like you said, how we get things done by working together. And who doesn’t love a cardboard box castle!?

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