I Can’t Not

Let’s face it: As bloggers and readers, right in this moment, we cannot exactly avoid writing or reading about the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has invaded all of our moments to some degree. Whether waking and/or sleeping. It’s getting all nestled into our psyches.

But we can control how we think of it. How we respond to it. Just like anything else (not like there is anything else to quite compare it to). We can control the amount of time and mental energy we spend on it. But we can’t (though I’d be lying if I didn’t say there’s a part of me that just wants to stay in bed and wait for it to blow over) completely avoid this new reality.

Call me Captain Obvious if you must.

Johnny Depp in his finest role

Now, my thoughts and feelings, and I imagine yours too, are subject to change on this matter. Because we are receiving new information on the pandemic faster than we can process it. This is messing with our heads.

We can go from looking at it as a circumstance that is bringing out the ugliness in people to looking at it as an opportunity for self improvement and noticing the good it brings out in others. I choose option #2.

We can go from focusing on our concerns for the well being of the loved ones who live far from us to the ones who are physically with us in the here and now. I, for one, intend to hug the two other humans and at least one of the furry beings I share my home with as often as I can. Once of course we have shed our outside clothes for our inside clothes (am I the only one who is intentionally shopping online for active wear lounge worthy attire right now?) and properly sanitized ourselves.

We can go from feeling sad about the length of time it may be before we can leave our homes and spend time in those public places we are missing so much to feeling enthusiastic about having more time at home to contemplate life and engage in activities that feed our spirits. Or starting to plan, say travel in the mid-summer that is more likely to occur than not, as I will be doing?

I think it’s of utmost importance for all of us to remember that we are all experiencing this together; collectively. Just from different perches.

There’s no doubt that it’s harder for some of us than others. It’s easier for some of us than others. We all have our unique obstacles in this time, but this pandemic is affecting all of us at the same time.

What lessons do you suppose we will learn?

I think we will learn what we truly value. Who we truly value.

I think we will learn what we are made of. How tough we are. How tough others are. What our weaknesses are, individually and as a society. What we’re capable of.

But let’s not forget this truism:

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Not”

  1. I do wonder how travel will be affected in the long term. I’ve heard some scientists say that international travel really should die–for the health of humans and for the health of the planet. I also wonder if we humans will give more thought to urban planning and population after this, and how many people we try to pack into tight spaces. There will be a lot of lessons to learn–including what and who we value, like you say, and how we want to put those people and humans first, going forward. What’s so frustrating through this process for me is the mixed signals: people are dying; and on the other hand I’m supposed to be worried about my kids’ ridiculous busy work from school. It’s hard to juggle these extremes–and it’s very exhausting, especially when you’re not sleeping well, anyway.

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    1. I know, everything is so messed up and adjusting to it all is discombobulating to say the least. I hope that international travel will not die! I still haven’t been to Europe 😦

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    1. Thanks Christi! Strange times we are in. Off topic, but have you read Ann Patchett’s “This is the Story of a Happy Marriage”? I thought of you when I read one of the stories in there about her friendships with nuns.

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