House Hunting Amidst the Chaos

I think we Americans are at the very start of a revolution.

All of us are pissed about something. And rightfully so.

I’m beyond pissed that Roe v. Wade is now part of our past. I’m pissed that a woman in a black robe agreed it should be. And that the rest of them that agreed with her are all men. I’m pissed that SCOTUS has devolved into an entity that we can no longer trust.

Others are mad pissed about the price of gas or increased inflation. It’s all they can talk about to anyone who they think might listen.

Some are pissed that Trump isn’t behind bars already where he fucking belongs.

I am looking forward to a beautiful blue tsunami in November.

Amidst all of this, life carries on for all of us.

Me and mine are in a good place, here in Wisconsin in the summertime.

Hubs and I, along with our furry pal Radar, are living in our camper in his parents yard, while we are house-hunting here in beautiful northwest Wisconsin. Our daughter and grandson are bunking inside the house, until they move into their new apartment next week.

It’s been interesting, living in such a small space. I’m thankful that it’s temporary, but having less stuff is kinda nice. It’s simple. Less to clean. Less to manage. I actually appreciate the challenge of having to organize things in this space. It really brings out my resourcefulness. It turns out that the shower in our camper can double as a closet, thanks to a simple, inexpensive shower rod (and the ability we have to use the shower indoors).

I regret all that time I spent on my computer, househunting, in the months leading up to this period of time. As if even one of the houses that piqued my interest was still going to be for sale once we got here, sorted ourselves out, and actually had the time, energy, and resources to begin the bona fide hunt.

It’s not as much fun as I remembered it being, this house hunting. It’s aggravating. It’s frought with disappointment. Like what we thought was the absolute perfect house on the Apple River, which turned out to be too rural for high speed internet (a must for Hubs to work from home). Like the house on a lake that looked spectacular online but had the weirdest layout I’ve ever seen (kitchen and dining room in the basement and oddly shaped unused space on the main level).

Hubs and I are grateful, however, to be here. We are grateful that our townhome in Colorado sold quickly and for more than the listing price. And we are determined to find our next house here. We’ve agreed that our backup plan, should we not find the right house by the end of the summer, will be to purchase a less expensive home in town, not on the waterfront, to live in for a couple of years while we work and save to buy a piece of waterfront property and build the house we really want.

Hopefully we won’t have to go that route. I mean, who wants to tack on another move after this big move? Not me. But we’ll do it if it means not spending the winter living in our camper.

We just gotta take things in stride.

8 thoughts on “House Hunting Amidst the Chaos”

  1. I have up a few years ago in the PNW. I’ve thought of returning to the Upper Midwest, yet I am in love with the Mountains. Upper west Wisconsin is one one the prettiest parts of the USA. Good luck on your search!
    ***I’m pissed off about all of the above also. This country is swirling the drain.

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    1. The mountains are something, right? I do miss the Rockies, but yet there’s so much foliage and water (yay!) here that I love so much. Yes, this country is swirling the drain. Hopefully it can be turned around. Thanks for your comments!


  2. Taking things in stride is a life survival skill and maintaining a sense of humor in an insane world.

    Changing the plan along the way is what we humans do. House hunting can be exhilarating and discouraging. I remember when my wife and I were looking for our first house and saw places we wouldn’t let our dog live in. The realtor finally took us to a place in our price range that had some potential and wasn’t a complete dump. “You may have heard of this house as the last owner was murdered here.” ๐Ÿ‘€ Needless to say, we did not make an offer.

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    1. I think if nothing else, what the Covid 19 pandemic taught us is to be flexible. Have a back up plan. That’s a good thing. Glad you didn’t end up in the “murder house”. Yikes!

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  3. Rhonda,
    LIfe is frustrating as…well, you know. I’m glad you’re able to roll with the punches, lady! Hope you find a good place to call home, soon! Try not to move into any murder houses, either…unless you want to…for whatever reason! If you do…no, just please, don’t! Hugs, Mona

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