Leaning Into Spring Organizing

Yesterday went differently than I intended. I really am ok with that. I actually enjoyed myself.

I had mistakenly believed that I needed 1 1/2 hours, max, to put away the winteriest clothes in my closet. I didn’t think about it beyond that.

So, surprisingly (not), it took me upwards of 4 hours.

Because it turns out that I still possessed a buttload of Spring and Summer, mostly recycled (approximately70% of which I purchased at thrift stores) garments.

You know, items that I can start wearing relatively soon. It made no sense to only pull out my winter sweaters and heavy long pants and put them away. After all, the Spring/Summer wardrobe was taking up room in bins and old suitcases stored in one of our basement closets.

Taking those lighter, happy-hued pieces out of the bins was necessary to have room for the winter stuff. And, clothes horse that I am, I will no doubt be schlepping myself to a local thrift store before too long.

I’m kind of addicted to them. Thrifting makes me happy.

Inspired by the still-quite-chilly-out there-yet-the-grass-is-green, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining vibe, I leaned into the task. I got some exercise by going up and down the basement stairs like a dozen times. I listened to music, which I streamed on my ‘lil Nest. It was a chill, all-Current from MPR kinda afternoon.

Of course, I tried a lot of items on for size. Fortunately, much of it still fit. That which didn’t or that which no longer held any appeal to me, I tossed to the side. To sell in my garage sale in June.

My intention when I woke up yesterday morning, in addition to putting away those winter clothes, was to spend time working on my next blog post. Behind the scenes here these last few weeks, I’ve been writing a lot.

However, the anxiety about what specifically I was going to blog about this week got in my way. Or maybe I let it get in my way. We all have ways we sabotage ourselves, right?

Anyway. Yesterday, the simple act of cleaning out and organizing my wardrobe was good for me. I cleared my head, made progress and got myself pumped up for all that awaits me once Spring starts “springing”.

An array of veggies Hubs got started for our gardens

5 thoughts on “Leaning Into Spring Organizing”

  1. I love the common thread between cleaning out the closet to make room for the next season clothes and the gardening. But need the weeds pulled and almost to make room so that our plants can grow. Beautiful — and congratulations!

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  2. Rhonda,
    As I write this, it is 90 degrees and the humidity is high. Ugh. It feels like I’m wearing a wet blanket. Spring is rapidly giving way to summer. Even so, less than a week ago, it was in the 40’s. Brrr. I kind of dig the 70’s and low 80’s myself. Glad you got a lot done. I enjoy thrifting, too! It’s been a while, though. Nothing quite like shopping when you can’t see worth a damn. Also, I’m sad that Tuesday Morning and Bed, Bath & Beyond are going out of business. See what happens when I don’t shop at my favorites? They go out of business. *sigh* That reminds me, I have a gift card for BB&B I need to use. Maybe this weekend. Also, what are/were you planting? Mona

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    1. Yuck! I have a low tolerance for heat and humidity. I didn’t know that Tuesday Morning is going out of business too, but I was bummed that BBB is. That is a great store. We are planting lots and lots of different things: from watermelons and pumpkins, to tomatoes, peppers, flowers, snap peas, basil…the list goes on. It’s going to be great exercise for me! Thanks for your comments 🙂

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