Ambition, Anxiety, and 2023

I am just one of a multitude of personal bloggers out there in the world. But I think what makes me unique is that I’m saddled with a complex that comedian Michelle Wolf is at least partially responsible for.

During a stand up special I watched a while back, she said something to the effect of “So you tell me you have a blog, right?”. She makes a weird face, then continues with “Oh, that’s cute. You write stuff about yourself and your life that nobody wants to read but you put it out there anyway? Good for you!” This, from my recollection, was said with a big fat smirk on her cute little curly headed face.

Don’t get me a wrong-I got over her chipmunk-ey voice enough to enjoy her comedy. She has that quality that, to me, marks a truly great comedian: she pushes boundaries and speaks uncomfortable truths. And I applaud her sensible yet hip footwear choices.

But…..ouch! I resemble her remarks.

I am curious though; can anyone else relate to the feeling of being called out like this? Totally rational as it was not a one on one conversation I had with Ms. Wolf here, right? Like being seen for who you are, but not in a good way, making you want to immediately crawl back into the hole of complete social obscurity?

If this sounds like you, please share your stories in the comments. Commiserating with you all is a huge perk for me as a blogger.

Moving on (oblivious of course to the possibility that I’m simply proving Michelle Wolf right).

I blogged in this space pretty sporadically in 2022. I blogged about the massive changes the year brought for me and my family, some aspects getting more emphasis than others. This year, I’ve shared my political opinions. I’ve talked about my grandson in this space.

For those of you who have read what I wrote in this space in 2022 and chose to come back and read more and/or gave me a follow, I thank you so very much for that. It’s appreciated.

2023 is now upon us.

I’ve got a lot of ambition when it comes to blogging and writing. I am certain that if I don’t step it up now, I won’t ever get to wherever it is that I’m supposed to be as a creative writing enthusiast.

So, 2023 is the year in which I step things up.

Baby steps, of course. But like, a ton of them.

Step #1 is to publish blog posts more frequently.

Leaning into learning is what I’ll be doing in the new year, in tandem with blogging. Gobbling up more self-help books. Taking online courses and following threads that pique my curiosity. Improving my photography skills. Gaining more knowledge about child psychology. Stuff like that. Learning about the things that I can use for good, if that makes sense.

I’ve also got a plan to improve my health by sharpening my culinary skills and keeping a food diary. I will be pursuing paid employment in 2023 as well, because at 55 I’m not interested in retiring yet. Exploring all employment options (self, at home, in a store or a non-profit) and blogging about it along the way will be happening.

The caveat for me is that going into 2023, I will continue watching my grandson most weekday afternoons. To make any headway on these plans of mine, I need to summon a great amount of self-discipline. My days will need to become more structured. I do have a plan for that. It starts with having a better sleep schedule and a set time for blogging related stuff every day.

2023 feels bright and shiny to me right now. That’s probably due to my optimistic nature. I am self-aware enough though to know the shine of the new year will fade over time. Bumps in the road will happen, as they do. I (and you) ought to remain nimble to overcome and adjust.

I realize this post was a lot. If you’re still reading this, well, thanks Pal.

You are the best.

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10 thoughts on “Ambition, Anxiety, and 2023”

  1. I resemble Wolf’s remarks, too. 😂 Still, I can see her perspective. And that’s why we have to dig to convey some sort of relatable meaning. Your writing always resonates, Rhonda! Cheers to the shiny, new 2023!

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  2. I would say I want to resemble her remarks, a blogger who writes for themselves knowing no one will read what they write. It’s when we worry too much about if anyone IS going to read (or SEO or marketing) that we stray from actually being a blog. And like you, I hope to be more prolific in 2023. I took a break in 2022 that was good for me but now it’s time to reclaim my blog for me. Good luck on your ambitions!

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  3. I’d take Michelle ‘s comments with a grain of salt, particularly because of her profession which is to try and make people laugh. For what’s it worth, I’ve never heard of her before, so maybe I won’t listen to her cute little comedy act.

    Seriously though, I’m amazed at people who think because they’re semi-famous, that the rest of the public cares about their opinions about things they’re not famous for. For example, I like Bruce Springsteen, but I’m not interested in buying a cookbook or getting stock tips from him.

    Happy New Year, Rhonda! I’m going to blog far less in 2023. Will anyone notice? 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. I think Michelle is absolutely right, and that’s what makes us angsty wordpressers unique. At the end of the day most of us, myself included, are releasing words into the void of the internet hoping for…something. But we build connections and find solace in seeing that there are others out there like us. Everyone is interesting and everyone has a story, and though we aren’t big household names like Michelle Wolfe, we’re just people sharing an experience. Though, I think our day is also coming, it seems we are hitting peak ‘done with celebrity life’ and at the end of the day, our stories are relatable. Loved your post and happy new year!

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    1. Yes, I’m so angsty about blogging. That is a great word to describe how I feel about it. Yet I love doing it, especially for the building connections with others through telling our stories. Thank you for your comments!

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  5. Still reading! And still blogging, though I have also blogged less frequently in recent years. Mine’s less of a personal blog and more of a book/writing blog; but I think it all can be seen as self-serving. And you know what–who cares? So is journaling. But no one laughs at people who journal. It’s the sharing it part that opens us up for jokes. But people like stories–sharing theirs and sharing in others’. People like to see growth and good, personal journeys. It seems to me memoir has never been more popular as a genre, and I think that’s what the personal blog is: snippets of memoir. Keep on truckin’ here. I look forward to what your new year and your blog will bring.

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    1. It is the sharing part that opens it up for jokes, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought about my blog being snippets of a memoir exactly, but that does track. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

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